In the Door, Out the Window

Through. For. With.

As a group, there is a sense of travel in our work: a sense of the intuitive cyclical flux of moving, coming together, resting and reimagining, and moving on. Perhaps this is a response to the instability of the world: a collective noticing of how we make meaning and stability, and a search for something new, in meaning or in process. Or it is a wild celebration of that same instability; of the possibilities of multiplicity, of surprise. Either way, In the Door, Out the Window is about the active sense of searching, of reaching out. We are moving through, we are looking for, we are actively verbing the artistic sense of searching. We begin with the space we are in, and we reach out through pattern, through repetition, through process. Mary Mailler asks us to take a breath and feel where we are, and from this sense of beginnings there is a sense of extending outward in all our work: from Dee Clark’s path-making in her work with labyrinths and the layered storytelling that Özgür Akgün utilizes, to the sense of transparency and peace in Sally Levi’s glass house, to Rachel Nelson’s work with character and the transient nature of identity. This extension involves surprise and discovery, as in Alex Gross’s engagement with the way systems expose themselves, to John Sullivan’s instruments, resonant with possibility. We are all engaging with our systems of understanding to ask who we are, and what we see, hear, think, feel, and move toward.

Exhibition Info

The Artists

Özgür Akgün

Dialogue & Documentary

Art is an opportunity to start a dialogue that may be difficult to do so otherwise. I see art as a way of communication, and my work as a tool to start a dialogue between the audience and myself.

Dee Clark

Labyrinth Artist and Researcher

Yadina Clark is an intermedia artist creating liminal aesthetic environments, regenerative landscapes, and community-building opportunities, especially through labyrinth installations, drumming, and permaculture design.

Alexander Jones Gross

Mad Scientist, Dreamer

Alexander Jones Gross is an interdisciplinary technology artist. He utilizes methods from computer programming, craft, electronics, physical computing, and visual storytelling, to create compelling environments and artifacts.

Sally Levi

Filmmaker & Performance Artist

I am exploring circumstance through environmental design and experimental film work. My work is meant to be an exaggerated version of the way things appear in my mind.

Mary Hanson Mailer

Ritual and Worldmaking

Mary Mailer is an artist exploring ancient ritual in relation to landscape consciousness.

Rachel Nelson

Writer and Performer

Rachel Nelson is a writer and performer who works with marginalized voices and perspectives in performance.

John Sullivan

Music and Interaction

John Sullivan is a musician-turned multimedia artist whose work and research investigates user interaction through the development of new digital musical instruments for performance and the creation of responsive audiovisual environments for large scale installations.

Event Information

  • Title: In the Door, Out the Window
  • What: Without Borders XII Show
  • Where: Lord Hall Gallery, University of Maine
  • When: August 7 - September 25
  • Reception: September 3rd, 5 - 7pm




Lord Hall Gallery, University of Maine

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